BEJIJHAK BAATEIN- Menstrual hygiene awareness

There are 355 million women of reproductive age in India who need mechanisms and structures in place to meet their menstrual needs. Currently, a majority of women lack information about menstruation including access to menstrual products, private places to wash and bathe and sanitary mechanisms for disposing menstrual waste. For instance, a study conducted in 2011 indicated that only 12 percent of women of reproductive age in India used sanitary napkins.

Lacking information, infrastructure, economic means, and the confidence to manage their menstrual health, many women are subjected to cultural discrimination, exposed to dangerous health risks, and lose out on economic and educational opportunities.

With the objective to spread awareness of the same in government schools and slums, Chetana started taking workshops.

  1. To talk about puberty and the different physical changes one experiences.
  2. To teach them about the menstrual cycle and why menstruation does occurs.
  3. To talk about menstrual management in terms of flow and products that can be used.
  4. To give them an idea about the different advantages and disadvantages of each product/method.
  5. To educate them about the different hygiene measures that should be taken during menstruation.
  6. To make them aware about the ways in which infections can spread.
  7. To bust different myths regarding menstruation
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