Counselling Centre

Marital Counseling : We provide guidance and support to women suffering from discords in their marital and family life, including pre marital issues, cases of domestic violence, dowry, and other exploitations which these women and their families face.

Family Counseling: any person who is facing any kind of problem can up to us for guidance and consultation, and we help them their problems in our capacity. Our professional psychologists and social workers suggest them viable steps to either overcome their problem or reduce the effects of the problem.

Legal Aid: our professional lawyers provide free legal assistance to the women who come to us for counseling and support. They help them resolve their matters. They help them file their cases in the court and fight for them in the court of law.

In the past years Chetana has provided counseling to more than 1000+ women and men in the form of legal aid, lay counseling and professional counseling.

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