Gender Sensitization Workshops

‘Boys never cry and girls don’t play cricket. This is one of those statements that talks about gender roles. Gender is something that is usually thrust upon us. Mainstream society makes generalization about how men and women should act just because of what they have between their legs. More than our own beliefs, it is the society that impose ideas of being ‘masculine’ or being ‘feminine’.
Gender Sensitization
Denial of equality, rights and opportunities and suppression in any form on the basis of gender in gender discrimination. From womb to death females are facing discrimination against them like,
• Not given enough nutritious food
• Early marriage
• Female foeticide

The main idea on which Chetana works is gender sensitization. So what is gender sensitization?
It is the modification of behaviour by raising awareness of gender equality concerns. Gender sensitizing “is about changing behaviour and instilling empathy into the views that we hold about our own and the other gender.” Also, it helps people in examining their personal attitudes and beliefs and questioning the ‘realities’ they thought they know.
Therefore, to understand what gender is and what are the general generalisations that affect us, Chetana is trying to spread awareness among youth in the hope of a bias free society.
• To tell the difference between sex and gender
• Spread awareness about common stereotypes
• Promoting gender equality

Target group
12-16 years

Three to five days, 10:00 am-11:30 pm

• Starts with few ice breaking games, to make everyone comfortable and interested in the discussion. It also helped in rapport formation
• Followed by a power point presentation. The presentation talked about basic definitions and differences of sex and gender. It also included few case studies to get the audience to thinking how day to day instances show gender bias.
• After talking about various gender roles, gender empowerment was the focus.
• This presentations was followed by a short discussion.
• The following day, activities, role plays, debates concentrating around gender ideas and everyday situations.

Learning Experience
• Children had a lot of questions to ask and instances to share.
• Clarity of gender based concepts
• Found few ways to deal with everyday intentional/unintentional gender biases.
“The world isn’t going to change overnight and neither are you. But, every time you feel suffocated by gender roles, or find yourself making presumptions about someone based on gender, stop, think and challenge yourself.” (Wason,2010)

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