SURR-CHETANA : A Musical Beginning

Through music happens the purification of the soul, through music happens the healing of the soul. Life is like the musical note, with its own ups down. Music in all way completes our lives. Who says life can’t be a festival all the time and who needs a reason to be happy? “Surr Chetana” is a project taken up by Chetana conscience of women, where musical training is given to students became the main source of happiness in their lives.

This project was initiated a year ago in 2015 by Parvindar Singh Raja. Parvindar happens to be one of the beneficiaries of Chetana. He has been associated with the organisations for years now. When he realised how Chetana has benefited and changed his life, an urge of doing something for the society came in. With this thought of helping the society, he started taking music classes in the Gurudwara (Paharganj).

In one year he has taken up three batches of 20 students each. The third batch is still going on. The class takes place either in the morning or in the evening for 2 hours. A lot of students have pursued music as their career and some take it as a hobby class.
A lot of young minds get involved in destructive activities. Through these music classes the energy of these youngsters is being channelized in a very productive way. Also, as we have a stereotype in the society that boys can’t learn music and is good if girls get enrolled in singing. So, through this project these gender roles are also being re-defined.

Another aspect of Surr Chetana is find an music organisation/institution who can collaborate with Chetana and provide these kids an authentic certificate and help them take a music test. Please help us finding the same for the better future if these youngsters.

“Music can change the world because it can change people.”

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