NATIONAL SEMINAR ON DOMESTIC WORKERS – Invisible ,Exploited and Abused people of India

On 9 Aug 2014, with combined efforts of  Chetana Conscience of Women and Human Rights Defence International (HRDI) organised a National Workshop for Domestic Work. The workshop focussed on providing a support system against the exploitation and inhuman behaviour and also to provide legal aid.

The workshop was divided into three sessions. The first session commenced with the introduction of HRDI and the organisation associated, Chetana- Conscience Of Women. Rakhi Birla, Project Coordinator of International Labour Organisation acknowledged the need of such a worksop. She expressed her views and personal experience.

Ms. Tsushima Reikon, Senior Gender specialist talked about labour laws and rights in various other countries. Ms. Reikon also informed about the rising graph of domestic workers in urban and rural areas and their job opportunities.

Dr. Lissy Joseph, Chairperson, domestic Workers Movement talked how important it is to recognise domestic work as a dignified profession.

VarunPathak, consultant of Justice Ventures International was a speaker from Chetana. He focused on human trafficking, various pathways through which trafficking takes place. He raised the issue of mismanagement in placement agencies and lack of coordination in the official bodies that are responsible.

Mrs. Anjali Deshpandey from DrishtiStriAdhyayanPravodhan Kendra, Pune, explained in her talk that migrants from villages or small towns to bigger cities is not wrong. But the environment of households that migrants are sent to should be comfortable and appropriate. Also their rights should not be infringed.

The session concluded with the declaration of a resolution passed and sent to the Law Ministry and Labour Ministry.

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