Parvinder Singh

Parvinder Singh is currently working in the Customer Relation-ship department of Costa Coffee. But this job did not come to him easily. Born in a humble family, he never had the privilege to study in a English Medium Public School. He completed his school but wasn’t doing anything which could bring him any monetary sup-port. Parvinder, one day, got to know about Chetana, Conscience of Women, an NGO working towards empowerment of women, and for making this society a better place to live in.CCW in collaboration with Times of India’s Teach India was starting its another batch of Spoken English classes. He enrolled in the classes, and attended the 100 days Spoken English session which took place at CCW’s office. After the 100 days session, He also participated in Times of India Job Fair and got selected in Costa Coffee. His life changed, he became confident about himself, he was employed and he could fluently communicate in English Now, when someone helped him change his life, he wanted to make a difference in other’s life as well. He started volunteering with CCW. One day as part of CCW’s Gender Sensitization project he visited Paharganj’s Sarvaodya Boys School, This school is notorious for having students who cause chaos in the area near the New Delhi railway sta-tion. He wanted to do something for the school, and selected a bunch 15 students from the school and started teaching them Singing , Tabla and Harmonium for free. These students are ambitious in their lives, some of them want to take up music as a profession now. They idolize Parvinder. After the success of the first batch, he will start with the second batch of Music classes commencing from 20 April 2015. He has been playing Tabla and Harmonium in a Gurudwara from past 4 years. He has formed a group of 8-10 boys and girls who play Sufi songs in the Gurudwara and other events. He is the founder and the binding chord of this group. He doesn’t get anything in return for changing other’s lives, he does it from his heart. He does it because someone was there when he was in need, now he wants to give it back to the society. He is an epitome of kindness, his story inspires many.

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