SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTER- Developing Skills,Nurturing Livelihood.

“You don’t have to worry about burning bridges, if you’re building your own”

It is often said that every artist was once an amateur. It’s her diligence, perseverance and hard work which help her advance and mature as an individual. Women since time immemorial have been treated as second class citizens and have been subjected to an endless chain of unequal treatment and challenges.  Women have always been marginalized and downgraded to the status of subjugated class in the Indian society. Due to lack of specific implementation of plans, local communities, women especially have remained outside the scope and benefits of government schemes and programs.

At Chetana we realize the importance and an indispensable need of skill development in a person’s life in order to help them lead a life of respect and self reliance. Therefore we conducted tailoring/knitting training program  to enhance the quality of life of women and teenage girls through enhancement of their skills and knowledge.

LOCATION- Two centers – Baljeet Nagar (Patel Nagar) and Mohan Garden (Uttam Nagar)

  • To promote employment oriented skill, up gradation training to the adolescent girls and ladies from the community
  • To use these groups as a platform for generating awareness on social issues
  • To encourage self-employment by acting support agency for providing necessary help


We  involve women residing in low income urban clusters who are unemployed or are looking to upskill. The idea is to create a sustainable network of empowered women who can step into the workforce and make the image of an empowered and economically contributive woman the norm

Semi skilled and unskilled women enrolled themselves for training. These women would be given training in knitting, tailoring, embroidery, designing of clothes and products used in day to day life like pouches, floor matt etcare on machines  in 4 batches daily for 6 months. After completion of training, these women would start producing finished products

These tailoring classes enabled women/Girls in rural and sub-urban areas to earn on their own, making them self-assured and self-dependent. After completing of 6 months training, some women/Girls can start their own tailoring shops, while many can secure well-paying jobs in the export garment factories in the nearby areas, or sub-contract work from large tailoring shops.

So far we have managed to empower 60+ women from the same

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