Skill Development Beneficiaries: Mohan Garden,Uttam Nagar

Mohan Garden has successfully completed 2 batches with 21 and 20 students respectively. It is onto its 3rd batch with 10 students and plan to start the 4th batch soon. It takes the students approximately 20 minutes to make a set of sweater for infants which includes a sweater, cap and a pair of socks.


Batch 1:

Abhaji (45+ years):  She has recently purchased her knitting machine and had startedproduction work for 120 rupees per kilo which includes approximately 9 sets. She has found learning the knitting skill from the Chetana’s skill development centre very useful as it gives her employment in this age and also keeps her busy after all her children are married and settled. She also helps Sudha Ji (the skill development centre teacher) to find more students for the 4th batch and also helps her in the survey.

Batch 2:

Gudia (20+ years):  She is a students of the 2nd batch but is learning advanced knitting with the on-going 3rd batch. She is involved in the basic production through Sudha Ji. She can do dual colour designs, mesh work and also write alphabets on the sweaters using the knitting machine. She finds the knitting classes and the skill she has acquired very engaging and interesting. She plans to go in the mainstream production work in the future.

Bindo Devi (40+ years):  She has recently bought the knitting machine and will be starting with the production work in the near future. She likes the fact that knitting keeps her occupied and busy all day with other household work. She likes knitting and has developed a lot of interest for it. She also plans to do the advanced course for which she doesn’t want the centre to close down so she helps the centre by brining other women for the course.

Kiran, Asha & Sunita (35+ years):  They belong to the 2nd batch of the knitting course. They are willing to enrol themselves in the advanced kitting classes in the upcoming 4th batch. All 3 have purchased machines and are in the production work with the Jeevan Park retailer who has agreed to pay them Rs.120/kg. They are able to save Rs.100 out of the 120 which is sufficient for them per kg wise. They also hire women to stitch the sets together which saves them time which they can utilize by knitting more sets and hence, earning more. They are all willing to learn and work hard for their living.

Anita & Mamta (35+ years):  They were the students of the 2nd batch. They have recently bought the machines and will start the production in the near future. They hope that their skill and investment will materialize and turn into profit soon. They need time before they can go for the mainstream production because their speed is not very good as of now. So they plan to practice and get the optimum speed required for the production work. They have found this skill learning a good experience and it was fun to learn. They plan to start production work with the Vinod Nagar Retailer.

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