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Winters are here and all we want is to get cosy in our warm blankets and wear the warmest clothes present in our wardrobe. But, do we ever think what happens to them who sleep on footpaths, who do not have enough clothes to protect themselves from the wintery winds and this may prove fatal for some people due to lack of warm clothes.
‘Donate, don’t wait’, #Winterhugs. This winter Chetana conscience of woman came out with the concept. It is a joy drive to donate clothes and food to needy people. A group of volunteers collected warm clothes from their neighbourhood and went out for this drive to various places in NCR region (Cannaught place, Paharganj, Noida etc). It continued for a week’s time and volunteers are still initiating this drive in different places.

In this busy life, none of us have the time to do some unusual thing like this. However, Chetana volunteers were all up for this drive. With giving away clothes, volunteers also tried spending some time with the kids. This not only gave them (volunteers) peace but also kids felt loved, wanted and protected.

Volunteer’s experience:

“Give to others and it will come back to you tenfold!”
By helping others, we don’t just make those people happy but also, we personally grow. We learn with each good deed as the smiling faces of the innocent kids help us realize what “joy” actually means.
Today, when we decided to carry out a donation drive among the kids and elders of our area, we had no idea they would be accepting the stuff with open arms and a positive smile. This drive was conducted at a construction site and outside the metro station of Noida Secor-18. Also, we asked a cobbler whether he’d accept a few shirts we were carrying and we were glad to see how he readily agreed to it and kept all of them. Then we met a few kids at the construction site who came to us when we offered them a few candies. The mothers accepted the clothes for their tiny ones. They even asked for more stuff that could keep them warm while they worked. The kids instantly put up the sweaters we gave them and did not stay behind from flaunting a tiny bag too. Their smiles made our day!
We rise by lifting others. So what are you waiting for? Get up, collect the winter wears from your near and dears and go out. We are sure there are many out there who are waiting for someone like you to help them!

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