Masti ki Patshala for underprivileged children

The summer camp thats Chetana conducts witness the sharing and learning of a plethora of constructive skills and activities. Chetana is a strong platform which endeavors to create self reliance, self independence, confidence and an opportunity to explore the social environment.

In today’s world one cannot deny the indispensable requirement for a smart and impressive personality. Keeping this thoughtful approach in mind, Chetana organized comprehensive personality development classes and taught the students about the basics of a confident and positive body language and the way it contributes to a desirable body image. Apart from this the children were also taught about ways by which they can hone their speaking skills in an effective manner.

The knowledge of English without a doubt adds up to a person’s chances of climbing the ladder of success. Therefore Chetana also included English language classes wherein the youth volunteers taught the underprivileged kids about the principals of grammar as well as writing skills.  Special efforts were made to teach the children about healthy nutritional values. The importance of a good health was promoted by conducting various sports like football, cricket and khokho.

A group of youth with a band name “Punjabi Sufi” takes music classes for both vocal as well as instrumental. Dance and art classes were also provided.

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”  This famous quote came to life as choreography lessons were organized. Apart from this various skits on topics such as Child labor and cleanliness were conducted to convey an important message by the way of dramatics and at the same time the students got an opportunity to improve their spoken English.

we also make sure to provide students with workshops like gender sensitization , Life skills, Career Guidance  to help the students.

Through our summer camps we have managed to reach 500+ children with the aim  to give shape to the children’s holidays in such a way that once they have been taught all the activities, they can continue to do those on their own.

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