Ujjawal Bhavishya – Career Guidance Workshop

Parents: Beta business karo
Friends: Yaar CA badiya hai
Neighbours: Doctor is the most respectable job
Everyone had a word in my life decision; they knew what I will be good at. They were convinced, not me, they were sure not me, everyone had an idea but me.
Deciding the right career for a happy life ahead is one of the most common confusions that we, teenagers face in our lives, In school, when life is easy going, the guidance of career is of utmost importance. Unfortunately not all of us have proper access to career counselling. Keeping this mind, Chetana took an initiative to take workshops on career counselling.

• To spread an awareness about different education streams (commerce, humanities, science)
• To have a clarity of mind in terms of choosing the right field
• To clear the career related doubts

Target group
Class X and XII

Two hours

• The session started with a role play to break the ice between the volunteer (Kapil Sharma) and the audience.
• Once everyone was comfortable, the session was taken forward.
• First, different education streams that is, commerce, science and humanities were discussed. The main idea was to tell the future scope of respective fields and how every field has its own advantages and disadvantages.
• Also, colleges for different streams were discussed.
• With career counseling, gender sensitization was also taken care of. For instance, how it is generalized that fashion industry is just for girls and so is cooking.

• It was an interactive session.
• Students had a lot of doubts.
• The session was more beneficial for students of X standard.

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